About Thriving Edge

Thriving Edge Coaching and Consulting was born out of a strong passion and a stellar record in enabling individuals and teams to reach their highest possible potential.  Our passion lies in supporting businesses to maximise their people power and create a thriving work environment. We help organisations enhance workplace culture, coach executives to break through career barriers, and enable individuals and teams to reach optimal wellbeing, resilience and self-awareness.

Founded by Rachel Setti, a registered psychologist and doctoral student. She holds masters qualifications in both Organisational Psychology and Psychotherapy and brings a unique combination of these two disciplines into her practices. Her focus is on coaching senior executives and teams to develop their thriving edge through increased wellbeing, enhanced working relationships, optimal resilience and reduced stress. In doing so she draws on over 20 years of international experience across three continents, and a breadth of sectors such as professional services, government, financial services, and industry. She is a regular media commentator, presenter, speaker, and writer on matters relating to leadership, workplace wellbeing, performance and career.

Thriving Edge Coaching and Consulting has a clear ethos to partner with clients. We add value by utilising our wealth of psychological tools and business knowledge to support clients to navigate the complexities of corporate life.  This is achieved by listening to clients’ business needs, setting tangible objectives, creating quality solutions, and evaluating the added value of our work to ensure maximal ROI.

Are you ready for positive and sustainable change ?

If you, your team or colleagues are seeking greater productivity, focus, output, wellbeing and work-life integration I’d love to help you achieve your goals. 

Please contact me for a complimentary 15 minute conversation to kick-start your journey.

“I would not be the leader I am today without Rachel’s support, guidance and advice. With her help, I have successfully re-evaluated and adjusted my approach to both work and life. A work-life balance is no longer a pipe dream but a reality thanks to Rachel. By making the time to invest in my well-being and think deeply about how I can align my values to my day-to-day practice as a public servant, I have become a more effective leader and member of the senior executive. For any professional who is curious about coaching but not sure about its benefits, my best advice is to make an appointment and jump straight in. You won’t regret it!