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delivering expertise in leadership capability,

career progression and team development.

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Coaching Areas:

Leadership Capability


Career Progression

Team Development

“During a critical time in the business Rachel supported me

to make significant decisions. She skilfully challenged my

thinking, reframed my approach and improved my focus on

the myriad of issues facing me. Ultimately the coaching

improved my ability to achieve my objectives,

deliver results and manage effectively.”

Iain, GM banking sector, Sydney

“Over a few short months Rachel took me on a compelling

decision making journey. With her support I effectively

explored key business issues, evaluated my strategies and

aligned them with my own values. It gave me the confidence

to make decisive changes with significant impact – I am a

much better leader for having used Rachel and her

coaching sessions.”

Mark, GM banking sector, Sydney

Leadership Capability

Leaders, having achieved much success in their chosen field, often find themselves grappling with the people management component that accompanies their success. We identify and hone in on specific issues, and through a focussed process of self-reflection and decisive action enable our leaders to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Organisational Wellbeing

Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion a year.  Conversely organisations with positive wellbeing cultures experience gains in staff retention, productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as attracting great talent! We support businesses to do just that through individual and group wellbeing coaching, facilitation and development programmes.

Career Progression

We empower individuals to build on existing strengths and face their career challenges. By identifying the elements which may be hindering career progression – such as interpersonal style, communication, self-confidence etc. – we tailor a solution focussed approach to overcome the barriers.

Team Development

Communicative, open and transparent teams are those which prosper and flourish. We facilitate groups to become cohesive teams by introducing optimum ways of working, and enabling them to develop effective behavioural systems, thus propelling them towards success.

People Who Inspire Us

Are you ready for positive and sustainable change ?

If you, your team or colleagues are seeking greater productivity, focus, output, wellbeing and work-life integration I’d love to help you achieve your goals. 

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“I would not be the leader I am today without Rachel’s support, guidance and advice. With her help, I have successfully re-evaluated and adjusted my approach to both work and life. A work-life balance is no longer a pipe dream but a reality thanks to Rachel. By making the time to invest in my well-being and think deeply about how I can align my values to my day-to-day practice as a public servant, I have become a more effective leader and member of the senior executive. For any professional who is curious about coaching but not sure about its benefits, my best advice is to make an appointment and jump straight in. You won’t regret it!